Association of Hong Kong Agencies for Migrant Workers Limited
(Incorporated as Non Profit making Organization under Cap.32 Ordinance / New Cap. 622 Ordinance)

  Office: Shop 9A, Ground Floor La Fontaine, 6 Chui Lok Street, Tai Po, New Territories, HONG KONG


Organization Member

Madagascar Agences de L'emploi Association (MALA)

Association of Myanmar Employment Agencies Limited (AmeA)



1. Raharja HK (Founding member)

2. Voila Migrant Workers Agency (Founding member)

3. Asia Selective Employment Agency (Director)

4) Technic Employment Service Centre Limited (Director)

5) Cable Employment Service Limited (Director)

6) Kong Yu Company

7) Glory Semesta Manpower Limited

8) Lik Keung Employment Agency

9) A & E Employment Centre Company Limited

10) Good Link Consultants

11) Maintop Investment Company

12) Garford (Hong Kong) Limited

13) Karen & Company

14) J & M Service Centre

15) Kasa Maid Agency Limited

16) Bandung Enterprises Company

17) J & A Employment Agency

18) Fan In Employment Agency

19) ABNC Employment Agencies Company

20) BIR Employment Agency Limited

21) C T Maids Limited

22) Four Seas Employment Agency

23) Good Fellew Resources Company Limited

24) Hung Ngan Co

25) K and B Employment Centre

26) M & M Development Company Limited

27) Shun On Development Company Limited

28) Sung Care Employment Agency

29) Wai Wai Company

30) Win Dragon Employment Limited

31) Wing Fai Employment Limited

32) Yourmaid Services Centre Limited

33) Tomato Employment Service Company Limited

34) Chanlo Link agency

35) Ciliwung Limited

36) Crown Brilliant Agency Limited

37) DK & C Employment Services Company

38) Full Win Employment Agency

39) Graceful Travel Company

40) Lan Ting Employment Agency

41) Manda Employment Limited

42) Prime Services & Trading Company

43) United Asia Employment Agency

44) Aberdeen Overseas Employment Agency Limited

45) HGM Employment Agency

46) Advance Court Overseas Employment Company

47) Splendid Employment Centre

48) Tai Tung Employment Services

49) Tradeway International Company



Affilate Member