Association of Hong Kong Agencies for Migrant Workers Limited
(Incorporated as Non Profit making Organization under Cap.32 Ordinance / New Cap. 622 Ordinance)

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Legislative Council - Panel on Manpower meeting help on 24 May 2016

It seems that our Government denied our specialised job within Employment Agencies industry

The <Code of pratice of Employment Agency> : defined, our business is ONLY

1) obtain employment for another person - find job for job seeker

2) to supply labour of another person to an employer

Our Chairman claimed that "Code of pratice of Employment Agency > could not solve the existing issues, further contracdiction due to lack of jurisprudence. We recommanded our Government to start elaboration of the legislative process of " Empployment Ordinance - Foreign Domestic Workers Regulations" to define the roles of Employers and Employment Agencies.

Part I 

May 2016

Legislative Council - Panel on Manpower meeting held on 27 February 2014

Our Chairman claimed to strive for integrity, fairness and professionalism.

Part I

Part II 

February 2014

It seems everyone has received the letter titled "Observing Professional Standards and Legal Provisions". The Labour Department demands that we abide by professional standards, and yet during the process of our application for a license, there is never any requirement for professional qualifications nor examinations, not even for basic labour laws. It begs the question, where do these Professional Standards come from!?

In actuality, when foreign domestic helpers arrive at the airport, they have already been taught to contact the Labour Department, the Immigration Department, the police and NGOs. The helpers have been misled to believe that the agency merely operates to refer employers and that they don't need to contact the agency when they encounter problems. 

We fail to comprehend this as the Labour Department has stressed that an "employment agency" is a referral agent for jobs, according to the Cap 57 Employment Ordinance and the complementary Cap 57A Employment Agency Regulations, these are the only provisions:

Cap 57A Empowering section

Cap 57A reg 1 Citation

Cap 57A reg 2 Applications for the issue or renewal of licences

Cap 57A reg 3 Licence fees

Cap 57A reg 6 Prohibited use of licences

Cap 57A reg 7 Company as licensee

Cap 57A reg 8 Notification of cessation of business of employment agency

Cap 57A reg 9 Notification of change of place of business of employment agency

Cap 57A reg 10 Maximum fees and commission

Cap 57A reg 13 Application for exemption

Cap 57A reg 15 Application of regulations 6, 7, 8 and 9 to holders of certificates of exemption

Cap 57A reg 16 Publication of particulars

Cap 57A reg 17 Offences

Cap 57A Sched 2

Cap 57A Sched 5 FEES


While there's no mention of employment agency for foreign domestic helpers as an intermediary, we are suddenly asked to abide by professional standards and fulfil the responsibilities as an intermediary. 

While the Labour Department has only encouraged the foreign domestic helpers to contact the Labour Department, the Immigration Department, the police and NGOs when they encounter problems, we're delighted to have the Labour Department to include the employment agency as a resource for the foreign domestic helpers and provide assistance as it is needed.